Roles and Responsibilities

This is a volunteer league, which wouldn’t be possible without your participation.  In order to keep the league running smoothly and to reduce the burden and any single person, we require each family to participate in some way.   Below is a list of the ways you can get involved – every family is expected to sign up for at least one of the roles.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list so if you have some other way you’d like to contribute, please let us know!

League Commissioner

This is the main contact for the league.  Responsibilities include:

  • General oversight and coordination of all matters related to the league
  • Conduct preseason and postseason board meetings
  • Contact umpire coordinator before the season starts to confirm dates and prices for the season
  • Recruit volunteers for the roles below
  • Utilize volunteers to organize the activities throughout the season, such as uniforms, awards, picnic and photos.

General Managers

Each division has a general manager to help organize and coordinate the games for the season and assist the commissioner.  Responsibilities include:

  • Attend the preseason and postseason board meetings
  • Help market the league and encourage players to sign up
  • Attend skills day to evaluate player ability
  • Recruit more coaches, if there aren’t enough for the teams
  • Evaluate, form, and balance the teams using the SI Play website functions
  • Use the FHSB document templates to make the season schedule
  • Use the SI Play website to generate the team rosters
  • Email the rosters, schedule and character trait manual to the coaches and players for your division before the season starts
  • Help set the division rules as needed
  • Communicate expectations and division rules to the coaches at the beginning of the season
  • Help secure volunteers for field maintenance
  • Schedule the umpires and be responsible for game day weather decisions (player pitch and senior divisions only).  The League Commissioner has been responsible for securing funds to pay the Umpires each Friday night. The GM is responsible to see these funds get distributed.  If we give the umpires adequate notice of a rain out there is no charge for the day.
  • Solve game day disputes
  • Remind team coaches to utilize the Character Trait training with every game
  • Lead the pregame prayer and generally reinforce Godly character
  • Help organize end-of-season activities, at least making them known and encouraging attendance

Head and Assistant Coaches

Every team needs a head coach and preferably one or two assistant coaches.  Responsibilities include:

  • Making a lineup before every game
  • Communicate the game time for the week to the team a few days before the game
  • Planning and conducting a practice before every game
  • Coaching the game every week
  • Spend some time talking about the character trait for the week
  • Award a game ball to the player who best exhibited the character trait
  • Coordinate snacks among the team for each game (optional)
  • Communicate any issues or questions to the GM and/or commissioner


  • Keep a register of the bank account transactions current
  • Assist in making purchases
  • As checks come in for registrations:
    • Scan check
    • Mark account paid in
    • Deposit check

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Work with each family to find a role to fill in serving the league (i.e. one of the other roles on this page).

Equipment Manager

  • Take inventory of equipment before the season starts and identify equipment that needs to be replaced. Communicate a list of items to buy to the commissioner.
  • Help develop a list of needed equipment for the season.
  • Help research prices for purchases.
  • Pick up orders from our athletic supplier in Sugarland.
  • Contact  His Print ministries to donate any unused equipment.

Uniform Coordinator

  • Work with the League Commissioner to make sure uniforms are ordered in a timely manner.

Photo Coordinator

  • Contact the photographer and coordinate a date to take photos. Make sure the date is after uniforms come in.
  • Communicate dates to commissioner

Award Coordinator

  • Make sure year-end awards (trophies, medals, etc.) are ordered in time for the end of the season

Picnic Coordinator

  • Contact Frankie Carter Randolph Park Scheduler to schedule the end of year picnic
  • Create a sign up food and drinks and contact the families to participate
  • Create a sign up for the kids vs player game and contact families to participate

Medical Assistant

  • Take an inventory of the first aid kit at the beginning of the season and let the commissioner know what needs to be ordered
  • Work with the commissioner to develop some basic medical procedures

Weather Coordinator

  • Keep an eye on the field conditions at the park and assist the general managers in making a call on canceling the games if conditions are poor.  This may be a good fit for you if you live or work close to Frankie Carter Randolph Park.
  • Communicate any cancellations with the GM’s and commissioner.

Field Maintenance Coordinator

  • Main person responsible for maintaining the fields
  • Prepare the fields at the beginning of the season
    • Ant treatment
    • Dirt work
    • Mark foul lines
  • Mow field A as needed during the season (every 2 or 3 weeks)
  • Coordinate other families to help and communicate that with the volunteer coordinator

Field Maintenance

  • Assist the field maintenance coordinator with mowing and general field maintenance.

Social Coordinator

  • Manage our social channels
  • Post updates about various events (e.g. start of season, photo day, picnic, etc.)


  •  Have some other way you’d like to contribute?  Great – please let us know!